Downsizing Home Renovation Updates

Renovation Motivation: “I’m downsizing and need to make a few updates before I can list my house.”

The time has come. You’re ready to downsize and make the move to a maintenance-free condo, apartment, or villa. But before you can cancel your cable, the listing agent informs you that before you can relocate, you may need to renovate.

Whether you’re ready for a full remodel or are looking to make small updates, we’ve got some affordable ideas to help get your space where it needs to be.

Flooring – For the money, there is no better investment you can make in your home décor than flooring.  According to the National Association of REALTORS, wood floors can boost the sales price of your home as much as 2.5%.

Kitchens with floors that have seen better days can be major turnoff for potential home buyers.  The updated flooring should appeal to all potential home buyers while keeping you on budget. 

The National Association of REALTORS says the average ROI for installing hardwood floors is about 70% to 80%, higher than any other type of flooring. The best all-around value to achieve this is engineered hardwood, and selecting a color and style that is both stylish and practical is easier than you might think.

Dining Room Engineered Hardwood Flooring

LIFECORE’s Nature’s Path from our Aurora Hickory collection is the perfect example of what to look for in engineered hardwood. Hickory is one of the harder domestic species, and Nature’s Path double-stained, UV hardened finish helps provide even longer wear. Plus the wide planks are a great designer trick for creating the illusion of a larger space.  Its neutral taupe tone and a light texturing also go a long way to camouflage dirt, while presenting a modern, high-end look. Lastly, Lifecore’s Zero-ADD, low VOC technology means no added formaldehyde, a tremendous selling point for anyone with kids, allergies, or an appreciation for green-friendly products.

Walls – First and foremost, paint.  Applying a bold, trendy, low VOC paint color to either area provides a modern look with an environmentally conscious spin.  

Cabinets – A fresh, neutral paint color can also modernize old fashioned kitchen cabinets and dated bathrooms vanities that are otherwise in good shape without the high price tag of replacing or refacing.  Unless you are extremely handy or experienced with this kind of project, you should look into a professional service to handle the cabinet painting and choose a fresh, low VOC neutral. 

Many designers recommend going bright white. Start by washing, then priming and painting cabinets with high-quality white semi-gloss. o complete the transformation, replace the current hardware with a trendy, polished metal that makes a statement. Depending on your cabinet situation, hardware replacement can work even without repainting if everything else falls into place. 

Countertops – Chipped, stained or outdated countertops can really bring a kitchen décor down. Unfortunately, there is no easy fix for countertops.  

The best thing to do is replace, but that doesn’t mean you have to spring for expensive granite to upgrade. A great looking and less expensive alternative to granite is quartz, which offers a non-porous surface requiring minimal maintenance.  Since the majority of quartz content comes from crushed waste stone left over in quarries, quartz is also an eco-friendly option, which is well worth noting in your home’s listing.  

For the bathroom, you can find good deals on marble vanity tops in standard sizes to replace your current one without having to change the vanity’s cabinetry. Square sinks are in, and most of the premade marble tops can be bought with one or two. Top it off with a new faucet, and it looks like an expensive update for a fraction of the cost.

Seal the DealKeeping within your timeframe and budget, these tips can elevate the look of a room and subliminally suggest to home buyers that the same care you’ve put into these details is carried through for your home as a whole.

  • Install floating shelves and decorate with plants.
  • Hang pendant lights or other trendy fixtures in one or two key places in your main rooms.
  • Replace switch plates with ones in brushed metal or stylish colors.
  • Revitalize an old couch by tossing stale throw pillows and bringing in new ones in contrasting colors.
  • Buy a new welcome mat and throw a fresh coat of bold-colored paint on the front door.  First impressions matter!

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