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Farmhouse Fresh Oak Collection

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Farmhouse Fresh Wire brushed Oak Hardwood

Experience the best of both worlds, old and new, with Farmhouse Fresh by H2OME. These extra wide oaks evoke the historic charm of reclaimed wood while providing the state-of-the-art waterproof performance and ZERO-ADD technology found only with LIFECORE Floors. Each reclaimed-look plank is wire brushed for character and stained for its own unique contrast. The collection is represented in a stylish color palette that can deliver a dash of organic luxury to your space.

What is Reclaimed-Look flooring?

Reclaimed wood is generally recycled or repurposed from old buildings, houses, and barns for its unique, high-character appearance. Reclaimed-look flooring provides the same sought-after appearance without the high cost and potential quality and safety issues that can be found in actual reclaimed hardwood.

Farmhouse Fresh Oak Collection