Organic Reactive

Floor is Waterproof

Floor Has Organic Reactive Finish

Organic Reactive Hardwoods

Organic Reactive Engineered Hardwood Flooring

If you are looking for flooring that makes a statement, look no further. Unlike applying a coat of topical stain, which promotes a blanket, uniform appearance, wood treated by organic reactive process creates a one-of-a-kind floor. Based on a process discovered over 100 years ago, this technique began with smoking or fuming the hardwoods to bring out deeper colors.

Exposing Floors to the Elements

Our unique reactive looks are achieved by briefly exposing the different species to an environment in which organic substances are introduced into the atmosphere or directly to the wood. The planks remain in the environment just long enough for the tannins and natural sugars to react and be brought to the surface.

The natural darkening and highlighting of each plank and grain pattern will wow you with their rich color and varying degrees of contrast. Unlike applied stain, which covers the surface, these natural colors permeate through the entire veneer making, your floors more resistant to showing scratches and scuffs. We choose only those species (oak and maple) and techniques that provide not only beautiful visuals, but will also be durable in performance and test for fade resistance.

The end result: beautiful wood that will look as unique in your home as it did in the forest.