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Anton Oak: Distressed Oak Flooring

Whether saw-marked, white washed, smoked and/or fumed, each of the four distinct floors in this engineered distressed oak flooring collection has its own story to tell. A diverse color palette that ranges from light to rich dark brown, Anton oak revels in individuality while ensuring that rustic charm and natural beauty.

Beautiful, Durable Prefinished Distressed Oak Flooring

Long considered the flooring of choice for durability and function, no other species has been as consistently popular as oak hardwood flooring. Having been in demand for generations, it’s no surprise that the most desirable reclaimed flooring is oak hardwood.

The durability of engineered oak makes it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas. Scoring in the high 1300s on the Janka hardness scale, oak’s strength and consistency is on par with maple hardwood flooring. Oak is one of the most stable hardwood flooring species and does not expand and contract easily with changes in temperature and moisture.

Its pronounced grain pattern sets oak apart from other popular hardwoods, and unlike exotics, prefinished oak flooring does not experience color fade. Modern or rustic, oak is truly the most versatile species and can adapt to the look and function of any space.

Anton Oak Collection