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Arden Hickory: Wire Brushed Hickory Flooring

Saw-marked and double stained, these wonderfully weathered engineered hickories breathe new life into traditional style. Arden’s deep, wire-brushed character is showcased on each extra wide plank, providing texture and personality to your environment. With four shades of warm brown, this prefinished collection will hold your interest for years to come.

Wire Brushed Hickory Flooring That Exudes a Rustic Beauty

With its amber waves of grain, few hardwoods evoke rustic beauty more than hickory. But don’t let its homespun reputation fool you, hickory engineered flooring is just as suited for edgy or high-end décors. For starters, hickory’s striking, two-tone coloration blends fine brown lines with reddish tan and cream, providing the perfect contrast to its darker knots. This unique coloration and character pattern confirm hickory’s status as one of nature’s most beautiful woods.

While your guests are busy marveling at your engineered hickory floor’s good looks, you’ll be confident in knowing that whatever foot traffic they can throw at you, your floor can handle it. Hickory hardwood has arguably the hardest Janka ratings among domestic woods at 1820 (that’s even harder than some exotic hardwood species). That’s why hickory has been a top choice for tool handles, drumsticks, lacrosse stick handles, golf club shafts, and the bottom of skis, among other items exposed to rough wear. Stunning and strong, hickory is a great choice all around.

Arden Hickory Collection