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Floor Has Organic Reactive Finish

LIFECORE Hardwood Collection

Stunning hardwood visuals meet indoor air quality certification for low VOC wood flooring

The LIFECORE Hardwood Collection delivers the beauty of engineered hardwood flooring at a price you can afford. This low VOC engineered flooring is safe for the whole family thanks to our proprietary ZERO-ADD® technology, which ensures no formaldehyde is added during manufacturing. Available in wide and narrow planks and a variety of styles, this collection has something for everyone.

From renew-inspired looks and distressed engineered hardwood flooring to both stained and organic reactive options, the LIFECORE Hardwood Collection offers visuals for every taste and design sensibility. Combine that with Indoor Advantage Gold, FloorScore, and Phase 2 Carb Compliant certifications, and you have a low VOC engineered wood flooring that is every bit as beautiful as it is safe for the air you breathe.

Thanks to our innovative ZERO-ADD® technology and low VOC finishes, the LIFECORE Hardwood Collection doesn’t just have fewer VOCs than traditional hardwood or laminate flooring, it’s also allergy and asthma friendly.

Sustainable hardwood floors that contribute to the best possible environment

With our forest-to-floor quality control, you’re not just getting non-toxic flooring, you’re getting an eco-friendly flooring option. Plus, engineered hardwoods don’t require as much of the tree as traditional hardwoods. So you can have the beauty and durability hardwood floors are known for, without taking out a whole forest in the process.

Low VOC Engineered hardwood flooring styles that won’t disappoint

The LIFECORE Hardwood Collection is available in a variety of hardwood species that are made to stand up to high traffic homes, including Oak, North American Maple, Hickory, Acacia, and Betula Birch. And with our distressed hardwood flooring and random plank sizes, no two floors will ever look the same.

LIFECORE Hardwood Collection