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Urban Oasis Oak Collection

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Urban Oasis Wire brushed Oak Hardwood

Your home is not just your castle, it’s your sanctuary. With Urban Oasis, it can look and feel like both. Double-stained for contrasting coloration, these wide, wire-brushed engineered oaks epitomize the serene luxury found in the most sophisticated homes, without the expensive price tag.

Its waterproof performance provides stress-free durability while its ZERO-ADD technology does its part to improve the air quality in your home.

What is double-stained flooring?

Double staining (also called “enhancing”) involves applying a dark, eco-friendly stain to the wood first. This stain is then wiped off, leaving color in the grooves of the wood.

The second coat of lighter stain is applied, giving this engineered wood a deeper, contrasting color without obscuring the natural beauty of the wood grain.

Urban Oasis Oak Collection