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Distressed Hardwood Flooring

Distressed Hardwood Flooring

Not too long ago, technology within the flooring industry advanced as the trend in home design took a step back to a time when flooring had a more natural and rustic feel.  From that era, a variety of distressed hardwood flooring options came into style that still rule the market to this day.

What are Distressed Hardwood Floors?

Distressed hardwood flooring simply means the intentional distressing, brushing and/or scraping of a floor’s surface to create a worn, vintage aesthetic. This can include the sculpting of chatter marks, hand scraping or wire brushing for texture, or adding worm holes or a worn look to a plank’s edges. Distressing can be done by hand, though it is more commonly done by high tech machinery that replicates the uniqueness of an artisan’s hand.

Why Distressed Hardwood Flooring?

One of the biggest draws of distressed hardwood flooring is that no two floors, actually, no two planks, will be alike. This across the board difference in appearance is especially appealing to those with an eye for design or a desire to bring more natural beauty into their surroundings.

Aside from its antique appearance, distressed engineered hardwood flooring’s ability to mask surface wear, scuffs and scratches makes the perfect choice for a high traffic household.  And with the matte finish that usually accompanies a distressed wood flooring they are much easier to keep clean and will hide dust and dirt better than smooth surface flooring.

So if you’re looking for a floor with great character, beauty and ease of care,  you’ll want to get “distressed.”