Medium Brown

Floor is Waterproof

Floor Has Organic Reactive Finish

Medium Brown Hardwood Flooring

Medium Brown Hardwood Flooring

Medium brown hardwood flooring has remained consistently popular, thanks to its ability to balance more design properties than any other shade. Looking for a neutral that still has enough color impact to have presence? Medium brown floors perfectly straddle the fence between light and dark, and warm and cool, to significantly enhance a décor without overpowering it.

Why Medium Brown Hardwood Floors?

Think about what goes through your mind when you’re making your flooring choice. You know it’s a big investment, and not one that’s easy to change after it’s installed. You weigh the options between what you think is stylish, what you feel will go with your furniture, and what you know will ultimately be the most practical choice. That’s the beauty of medium brown hardwood flooring, the one choice in the hardwood color spectrum that delivers all three.

The colors that define medium brown hardwood flooring are within a small but stunning range of tones (think Chestnut to Truffle) that are truly versatile. A medium brown hardwood floor will become wonderfully rustic with a textured matte finish, such as a hand scrape or wire brush, or take on a modern and contemporary look with a smooth, shiny finish. Because medium brown engineered hardwood floors are not dominated by red or yellow overtones, they are the perfect foundation for any color scheme or motif and tend to wear well over time.

Depending on the species chosen, the graining may or may not be prominent, but that is another great aspect to choosing this color. You can have those options within the same color palette. With medium brown hardwood flooring, you can go ahead and make that investment, knowing you’ll have any look you want for years to come.