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Rustic Hardwood Flooring

Rustic Hardwood Flooring

Rustic wood flooring simply describes hardwood flooring that naturally contains knots, worm holes, checks or splits, knot-holes, and other open spaces or marks. While there was a time, years ago, when these things were looked down upon as blemishes to a perfect, smooth plank, times have changed. Nowadays, homeowners and designers alike seek flooring with character to not only add warmth and style, but to potentially increase the value of the home.

Reclaimed Rustic Wood Floors

One of the most popular type of rustic engineered hardwood is reclaimed wood, which comes from a variety of sources, including old buildings, houses, and barns. Once at the factory, each plank is inspected and the best wood with the most character is chosen. As with any recycled material, the process of “reclaiming” wood allows the prestige of being considered among the most eco-friendly choices for your home.

Beauty and originality are not rustic hardwood flooring’s only attribute. Rustic engineered hardwood flooring can often be found in upscale restaurants and trendy retailers for a reason; it is great for any space with high foot traffic. The natural marks that make rustic hardwood flooring unique also make it possible to makes scuffs, scrapes and dings with ease.

With a strong nod to nostalgia, rustic wood flooring can make even the most modern or industrial décor feel homey and comfortable. Its growing popularity has made rustic engineered hardwood flooring available in all colors and price ranges, so that anyone with an eye for natural beauty can enjoy this very high-end look.