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Floor Has Organic Reactive Finish

Brown Hardwood Flooring

Brown Hardwood Floors

In the game of design, brown has literally been relegated to warming the bench. While all other colors have had their MVP moment, brown has been thought to be too earthy to be a star.  Well, we’re here to tell you that brown truly is the natural, and bringing brown wood floors into your home decor is a definitely a home run.

Why Choose Brown Hardwood Flooring?

Brown hardwood floors are the most popular of any color, enhancing dwellings that range form log cabins to penthouses. One of the reasons for brown’s across-the-board popularity is its ability to work with you on all things aesthetic. Searching for a hardwood floor color that is flexible enough to be both a neutral or be able to ramp up the drama with a few bold accessories? You’ve got it! Would you like your brown wood floors to hide dirt better than any other color (just in case you miss a day or three of sweeping?) No problem! Brown is in no matter what species of floor you’re looking for – Oak, Maple, Birch, Acacia, or Hickory.

Oh, and let’s not forget brown hardwood’s ability to keep secrets, like the time you came home from vacation and dragged your rolling luggage a little to hard across its planks. Or how Rover got a little too excited when you arrived home from that same vacation and, well, you can fill in the blanks. Engineered Brown hardwood floors are beautiful, practical, and nothing if not forgiving.

According to those who practice color psychology, our aesthetic relationship to brown is not just visual. It is said that brown can has a stabilizing influence on the physical body, via the mind. It is seen as strong, comfortable and natural, among other things. So, whether you are calmed by a milk chocolate hue, inspired by a toasty taupe or excited by a deep, rich espresso, brown wood floors won’t let you down.