Dark Brown

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Dark Brown Hardwood Flooring

Dark Brown Hardwood Flooring

If you had to narrow it down to one word to describe dark brown hardwood flooring, that word would most likely be “wow.” Like a delicious cup of espresso coffee, dark brown wood floors are deep in color, strong on taste and will certainly energize a room.

Why Dark Brown Wood Floors?

Despite their reputation for drama, however, dark brown engineered wood floors can create a bright, cheery feel when installed in open or well lit rooms. As a matter of fact, if you have a room with a lot of sunlight, dark hardwood floors are the better choice, as they tend to absorb less light and rarely fade. They also hide dirt well, but you’ll want to clean them often to show their rich color to its full potential. Graining may be less visible with dark hardwood floors, but that can work in its favor, as the color alone is a striking enough visual.

Dark brown, engineered wood floors have been consistently popular with architects and interior designers for both their beauty and their ability to provide serious contrast to boost any room. Let’s face it, this color can show off a well-planned design like no other. Realtors agree, and have found that homes with dark brown hardwood flooring have been more appealing to homebuyers than those with monochromatic flooring. Despite its luxurious looks, dark brown wood floors are surprisingly versatile and accommodating to all motifs. A dark brown engineered wood floor can be paired with light, neutral or jeweled tone colors, or enhance a modern or rustic décor with equal impact.