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Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring

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Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring

Walk into any room with a hand scraped hardwood floor and immediately feel as if you’ve been transported back to an era when craftsmanship was the only way anything was made. First gaining popularity in the late 1800’s, a hand scraped hardwood floor was created when hand held tools were used to even out the differences between planks. During this process, unique and subtle texturizing would occur, thus giving each plank it’s own unique look. Great care was put into the process of hand scraping (also called hand sculpting), and the result was that each floor looking like an artisan masterpiece.

For those who would like to achieve the same stunning look for their home or office, fortunately, they won’t need a time machine. Hand scraped hardwood flooring is still made today, but with the added benefit of modern finishes for lasting protection.

Why Hand Scraped Wood Floors?

A welcome addition to any room, hand scraped hardwood flooring suits all décors, from modern to rustic, from coastal to eclectic. Coming in a wide range of dark and light colors and varying plank widths help hand scraped wood floors make whatever design statement you’d like for your home.

Aside from its good looks, one advantage that hand scraped wood floors has over smooth finish flooring is that it naturally hides any minor imperfection that may result from heavy foot traffic or wear and tear. That’s what makes engineered hand scraped flooring such a good choice for an active household or those with pets.

Both vintage classic and modern trend, hand scraped hardwood flooring will be enhancing homes for years to come.