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Gray Hardwood Flooring

Gray Hardwood Flooring

The last few years have been good to gray wood flooring. Aside from being the most requested flooring shade for homebuyers (according to most Realtors), gray hardwood floors have graced more décor magazine photo spreads than just about any color. A drastic departure from the brown and tan wood flooring tones that we’d become accustom to, gray wood flooring was the brand new crayon in the interior design coloring box.

Why Gray Wood Flooring?

Though this had all the makings of a “trend,” one thing’s for certain and that’s gray is here to stay. Gray wood flooring has earned its surged in popularity for its shear versatility and architectural appearance. But as the ultimate neutral, gray is one high fashion color that any home or office can wear. For instance, if you have a smaller home, light gray will help the rooms appear larger. If you have a high traffic home, a medium gray will help conceal wear and hide dirt better than most. And, if you simply want your home to look current and stylish, dark gray engineered hardwood floors will absolutely transform your décor.

Despite having a reputation for being cool, most gray wood flooring either have or can reflect warm undertones based on the colors in the room. As a result, you can put the same gray hardwood floors in an ultra modern living room, a coastal-themed bedroom or a cozy, comfy den with the same level of compatibility.

The other beautiful thing about a gray finish on a hardwood floor is the way the tones highlights the grain and sapwood of the species in its own unique way, kind of like having a designer tree in your living room.

With more people seeing how gray wood flooring works for all different tastes and lifestyles, its no wonder it has grown from trend to flooring staple in just a few short years.