Light Brown

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Light Brown Hardwood Flooring

Light Brown Wood Flooring

Back in the day, when the hardwood flooring industry was smaller and much less sophisticated, most of the hardwood floors milled were light brown in appearance. Considered a practical choice, light brown wood flooring added a hint of color while still showing the characteristics of the wood, no matter if it’s oak, hickory, acacia, or maple. This was a perfectly acceptable option for most homeowners, but those did want color turned to carpet or tile.

As with everything that goes around and comes around again, light brown wood flooring is back in vogue and here to stay. Though the new light brown wood flooring is light years ahead of its old timey ancestor in both style and substance, the practical qualities remain.

Why Light Brown Wood Floors?

First and foremost, the new engineered light brown wood flooring revels in its neutrality, prepared to embrace any furniture and paint color combination that you can dream up. Just as perfect for a kitchen as it is for any room, light brown hardwood floors get along famously with any color granite countertop and all shades of cabinetry and hardware. Light brown hardwood floors even play well with its old rival “carpeting,” helping create an easy transition from room to room.

Despite the multiple surface textures and nuanced shades that light brown hardwood floors is now available in, we need only look closely at it to be reminded why it was such a staple to begin with. Under the warm golden hues or cool taupe tones that ever so lightly coat each plank, we can still see the wonder of the grain pattern that makes it unique. Sorry 1950’s housewife, but this is something you just couldn’t have gotten from carpeting.