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LIFECORE® distribution is expanding nationally.  Contact us or a local distributor to find a dealer near you.

Internet Purchase Disclaimer

Your business and trust is important to us.

Providing you with healthy, beautiful hardwood flooring products is only the first of the LIFECORE commitments.

We are also committed to providing you with the best in-store and internet purchasing experience for our products. That is why we carefully select our authorized distributors and dealers.

Purchasing online through a dealer that is not authorized could jeopardize your manufacturer’s warranty. Installation of your flooring is equally important and critical to protect your investment. Authorized dealers are equipped to help and protect you from an improper installation, which again could void your warranty.

Knowledge is Power. The purchase of a flooring product in your home is a big investment. The preparation and installation of that investment will ensure your investment is protected, not void your warranty and last a lifetime.

We are here to help. When in doubt contact us. We want to ensure you will love your floors and recommend them to everyone who sees them.

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