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Stained Hardwood Flooring

Prestained Wood Flooring

Avoid the time-consuming step of staining and finishing your future hardwood floors with prefinished and prestained wood flooring. With prestained finish engineered floors, the stain and finish are applied during the manufacturing process. So once your flooring has been purchased and unboxed, it’s ready to be installed. Prestained wood flooring takes the guesswork and labor out of your hardwood flooring project, allowing you to focus on other more important details.

What is Prestained Wood Flooring?

Also known as “factory finished” hardwood floors, prestained finish engineered flooring is made of several layers of wood glued together in a cross-grain pattern. The top-most layer, the hardwood, is completely finished with several coats of highly durable finish. In turn, prestained wood flooring can have many advantages over hardwood flooring that requires finishing and staining after it’s installed.

Why Choose Prestained Finish Engineered Floors?

There are a number of benefits in choosing prestained/prefinished enginnered wood floors over flooring that is finished after it’s installed. For many customers, the primary benefit is convenience as prefinished hardwood flooring arrives already sanded and finished, so there’s dramatically less installation time. Additionally, prefinished stained engineered floors require no drying or curing time, so they’re ready to walk on immediately after installation.

Prefinished and prestained hardwood floors also come in a vast array of colors and style options, eliminating the need to find the right stain and finish to get the perfect look. For new hardwood flooring in homes, prestained finish engineered hardwood floors can be installed faster and easier than unfinished flooring, and with no dust, fumes, or inconvenience to your family.

At LIFECORE, you can trust that our prestained hardwood flooring options are finished and stained with your family in mind. We are committed to offering the healthiest hardwood flooring products, which means we manufacture prestained/prefinished engineered wood flooring with no added formaldehyde or harmful chemicals. Not only does that mean less VOC’s than with traditional hardwood or laminate, but it also means that those with asthma and allergy can benefit from the improvement in air quality.