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Birch Hardwood Flooring

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Betula (Birch) Hardwood Flooring

More and more, homeowners are discovering betula, a species that is the new generation of the birch family. Betula engineered wood flooring as an attractive, stylish, less common option to the oak and maple hardwood flooring that seem to get all of the spotlight. One of the main draws of birch hardwood flooring is its unique color variations and natural highlights, as well as its high, 1260 score on the Janka Hardness Scale.

Why Betula Birch Hardwood Floors?

Seen as stylish and able to wear beautifully, even in busy, high traffic homes, betula engineered wood flooring has come into fashion with interior designers and consumers alike. However, as much as it may seem to be a new trend in flooring, betula engineered wood flooring has a long history as a desirable, sought-after hardwood for a host of reasons.

Possessing better dimensional stability than oak or maple hardwood may have been the reason Native Americans favored betula hardwood for the construction of strong, waterproof canoes, bowls, and wigwams.

Betula’s hardness and durability may have also been the reason it was the go-to hardwood for cabinetmakers and carpenters for centuries, and still is in use. For those of us in the present day, however, what matters most is that betula hardwood flooring can survive the daily parade of paws, toys, high heels and the occasional spill while still looking great.

Betula hardwood flooring has a tight, complex graining pattern that is not only unique, but also makes it less likely than other species to show scratches or dings. Abundant in supply, betula engineered wood flooring has held its popularity, proving that it will always be a wise and stylish choice.