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Natural Hardwood Flooring

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Natural Hardwood Flooring

Every floor color has a little something special to bring to the table, and but the same can be said for flooring with no color at all. Enter natural wood flooring, long the choice for high-end installations and décor magazine layouts. The clean, natural aesthetic that natural hardwood floors offer is not only stunning, but also can make a big impact in a small space.

Why Natural Hardwood Floors?

By its nature, natural wood flooring opens up a room to look slightly larger than it is, which is why natural engineered wood flooring is the choice most decorators make with luxury townhomes and/or upscale retail boutiques. However, a large area will benefit just as much from the clarity and character a light color floor can bring. In other words, less truly is more.

Let’s start with the graining, which varies depending on species. A natural finish or stain allows you to see the unique characteristics of the wood and grain pattern. Knots, swirls and burls become works of art as natural hardwood floors provide a glimpse into a wood’s organic state. This ”unfinished” look immediately creates a visual interest that will become an interior design focal point unto itself.

Natural wood flooring is also appreciated for its ability to draw less attention to scratches, dust bunnies and general wear than their darker counterparts. Put them in a room with great exposure to the natural lighting and watch natural wood floors reflect the sun in a way that a dark wood can’t. Factor in the right wall color and accents, and you could literally turn any room into a designer’s dream with a natural hardwood floor.