Living Room Hardwood Flooring Ideas

One Living Room, Seven Ways

If you’re looking for hardwood flooring ideas for your living room, look no further. We’ve paired a living room complete with a more traditional design with seven different LIFECORE engineered wood floor options to help you visualize the perfect aesthetic for your space.

Be Bold with Dark Brown Wood Floors

LIFECORE Anton Ambiance hardwood floors offer the beauty of a dark brown wood floor with all the benefits of European White Oak. In this traditional living room design, Ambiance makes the neutral color scheme pop, creating a truly stand-out look.

Anton Ambiance European White Oak Hardwood Flooring

Gray Hardwood Floors for Your Living Room

Want patina flooring for your living room? LIFECORE Anew Recaptured may be the perfect choice. This gray oak flooring has soft brown tones that lend to a more traditional design aesthetic while adding a layer of sophistication. This distressed flooring is one of our reactive hardwood floors, recently recognized by This Old House as one of the top 20 best new home products.

Anew Recaptured Gray Oak Hardwood Flooring Living Room

Get the Natural Hardwood Look

For floors that bring nature right into your living room, look no further than LIFECORE Amara Perfect Play. These wire-brushed light brown oak hardwood floors are the perfect complement to the lighter colors of this traditional living room design, warming up the space to pull in the soft beige and gold accents.

Amara Perfect Play Light Brown Oak Hardwood Flooring

The Distinction of Maple Hardwood Floors

If you want to elevate your living room with a truly unique hardwood floor, consider LIFECORE Allegra Richly Stated. These patina hardwood floors have been treated with our reactive process, bringing the wood tannins to the surface. When combined with the fine grain of maple, which ranges from uniformly straight lines to curly patterns, no two planks are the same.

Allegra Richly Stated Pantina Maple Hardwood Flooring Living Room

The Perfect Brown Hardwoods for a Traditional Aesthetic

For a living room that has a truly traditional feel, rich brown hardwood floors like LIFECORE Adela Perfect Palette will bring your interior design to life. Natural wood coloring in these reactive hardwoods works hand-in-hand with the wire-brushed surface.

Adela Perfect Palette Natural Hardwood Flooring Living Room

Go “Griege” with Acacia Hardwood Floors

The extra-wide planks of this light-gray hardwood floor aren’t only on-trend, they go with anything. Whether you prefer brighter colors or more neutral statement pieces, LIFECORE Abella Artful hardwoods provide the perfect foundation for a traditional living room design.

Abella Artful Light Gray Hardwood Flooring Living Room

The Dramatic Look of Dark Brown Wood Floors

With Abella Artisian Air, you can make any traditional design room make a statement. And with this specific room, the whites really come to life against the cool tones of this dark brown wood floor. Not only that, but these acacia hardwood floors come hand-scraped for a truly unique look.

Abella Artisan Dark Brown Hardwood Flooring Living Room

So Many Options, There’s No Wrong Choice

No matter what color fits your design preferences, all floors in the LIFECORE Hardwood Collection offer more than just stunning visuals. Engineered wood floors provide greater stability and durability than other flooring options, and our nine-coat UV-cured finish helps resist scratches and scuffs. So you’ll get floors that are made to last.

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