2020 hardwood flooring color trends

Trends in Hardwood Flooring Color & Style: Lighter & Wider

We’ve seen photos all over Elle Décor, Architectural Digest, Pinterest and Houzz of those amazing designer rooms featuring stunning, light-colored, wide plank hardwood.  Usually depicting the homes of celebrities or designers, these images certainly make an impression as the epitome of luxury and taste. Surely such high-end floors are out-of-reach for the average homeowner, right?

Good news, they’re not.

Both light colors and wider planks have been the hardwood styles of choice with designers and architects for years, however 2020 forecasters predict that this will be THE hot look in flooring for consumers.  With flooring retailers carrying a wider variety of styles than ever before, it’s not hard to find “lighter and wider” flooring within your budget. So, if you’re planning to update your floors, read on as to why “lighter and wider” may be the choice for you.

First, let’s define what we mean by “lighter and wider.”  Floors that are blonde, greigegray, natural, beige, and whitewashed fall under the “light” color spectrum, while planks that are 5 to 12 inches wide are considered “wide plank.” Hopefully this can help you visualize when researching.

hardwood flooring wide plank trends

Now, let’s take a look at what the designers have known for years, that going with a lighter color and wider plank with your hardwood has very real benefits.

Lighter and wider make a room look larger and brighter

Light reflects off light-colored surfaces, which adds an airy, open feeling to a room.  Additionally, light color floors (and walls) always open a room up, giving the illusion that it’s bigger.  The same illusion applies to wide plank flooring, since there are fewer edges in the flooring layout the eye automatically perceives more space. Needless to say, installing flooring that is both light in color and with a wider plank is like hitting the spatial jackpot!

Light floors are a beautiful neutral

Bold or dark-colored floors are attractive in their own right, however they can overpower a room, clash with wood furniture and end up end up limiting décor choices.  Light colored flooring will work with most wall colors and furniture styles, providing subtle support for your personal style.

hardwood flooring color trends 2020

Light floors camouflage dirt better than darker wood

Light-colored floors help hide dust, dirt, and pet hair way better than darker wood. They also hide scuffs and scratches better than darker floors, allowing them to always appear clean and new.  This is especially true when the flooring surface is distressed or wirebrushed.

Wide plank hardwood make for a quicker, easier installation

One wider plank takes up the space of two or more narrow strips, which helps expedite the installation process. That makes it easier if it’s a DIY project and less labor-expensive if you’re paying a contractor by the hour.

Lighter and wider floors are more visually interesting

The wider the plank, the greater variety of graining and character marks it displays, which in turn are more visible in a lighter color.  This gives lighter and wider floors a natural, unique look that makes a statement with a whisper instead of a shout.

hardwood flooring trends light wide plank

Lighter and wider floors will not break the bank

The good news is that there are flooring brands such as LIFECORE that carry predominately wide plank flooring that is moderately priced.  Though they have an exclusive designer look and high durability, LIFECORE flooring is moderately priced and easily accessible.

Lastly, light-colored wide plank flooring is extremely versatile from a design perspective.  They are equally as beautiful in modern, rustic, coastal or classic decors and will add value to your home,  literally and visually! Sounds like it’s time to make your 2020 vision lighter and wider!

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