Best Engineered Hardwood Flooring for Your Kitchen & Dining Room: 3 Styles for Function & Performance

More and more designers are turning to engineered hardwood flooring for kitchens. While Pinterest and home magazines shine a light on this stunning trend, you may be wondering if hardwood can really stand up to the activity in your kitchen—whether that’s a lot of foot traffic or a lot of spills.

The good news is, engineered hardwood floors are created with durability in mind. Plus, with a resistance to changes in humidity, they’re less likely to warp or buckle in a room where water is just a part of life, making the LIFECORE Hardwood Collection a great choice for the kitchen.

With our new H2OME Waterproof Hardwoods by LIFECORE, we take that a step further. Our natural waterproof rigid core with innovative edge coating combines with a durable waterproof wear layer that encapsulates each plank for a true waterproof seal, complete with a 72-hour waterproof warranty. Because of its waterproof construction, H2OME is also safe for wet-mopping for quick and easy clean-up.

Depending on your lifestyle and the level of maintenance you’re looking for in your kitchen, both LIFECORE Hardwoods and H2OME are great options as they both include our proprietary low VOC nine-layer UV-hardened finish. Below, we’ve put together a few of the best engineered hardwood flooring options from our H2OME line that bring style and performance to any kitchen design.

Reactive Hardwoods for a Beautiful, Organic Home

Best Hardwood Flooring for Kitchen Dining Room 3

If you’re looking to bring a more organic feel into your kitchen, H2OME Urban Oasis Organic Home’s reactive style may be just for you. Created by bringing out the natural tannins in the wood for a truly distinct design, reactive hardwood floors are a perfect fit for kitchen performance. Whether you’re into an all-white style or like bold colors that pop, the natural variations in Organic Home’s planks are sure to work with any design. Plus, if any scratches manage to get through our superior UV-hardened finish, on reactive floors they’re a lot less noticeable than a stained plank, which only has the color on the surface of the wood.

Make Your Kitchen an Urban Oasis

Best Hardwood Flooring for Kitchen Dining Room 4

With H2OME Urban Oasis Restful Ripple, you can transform your kitchen into a restful respite even when foot traffic’s at its heaviest. Like all LIFECORE engineered floors, Restful Ripple is made using our ZERO-ADD® technology, which means no VOCs are added during our manufacturing process. Another organic reactive, waterproof option, this engineered hardwood really warms up a room, making it a great balance to an all-white kitchen aesthetic.

A Summer Home Look for Year Round Performance

Best Hardwood Flooring for Kitchen Dining Room 2

Wire-brushed for a reclaimed aesthetic, H2OME Farmhouse Fresh Summer Home brings a sophisticated look to your kitchen or dining room. With neutral gray and light brown tones, it can work well with any color theme now or down the road if you decide to make some changes. While our low UV-hardened helps prevent scratches, the wire-brushed style can hide any scuffs that your family does manage to make in these more high-traffic areas.

Real Waterproof Hardwood Floors

Not all wood-look floors are real wood, but the entire H2OME collection includes real wood in the product’s exterior that’s sealed for waterproof protection. That matters a lot when it comes to your home’s resale value. According to the National Association of REALTORS, real wood floors can increase the sales price of your home by as much as 2.5%.

Learn more about the H2OME collection here.

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