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9 Reasons to Be Thankful This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and at LIFECORE this is a time for gratitude. We’ve had a big year launching our nine LIFECORE Hardwood Collections, so we’ve put together a list of nine reasons to be grateful this holiday season.

1. Gratitude Rewires Your Brain

Before going into what to be thankful for, there’s one big reason to express your thanks: it’s good for you. Counting your blessings isn’t just a platitude. Studies have shown regular expressions of gratitude can decrease blood pressure, reduce anxiety and depression, and even help you sleep better.

engineered flooring hardwood

2. A Roof Over Your Head and the Floor Beneath Your Feet

Your home is so much more than just a shelter. It’s a refuge and a place to call your own, and that starts with the floor beneath your feet. Your floors put up with a lot from you and your family. Consider saying thanks by giving your house an upgrade that will keep your floors strong and beautiful for years to come—engineered hardwood flooring.

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3. Friends and Family Bring Life Meaning

Whether you’re celebrating the holidays with parents and siblings or with your found family, this is the time of year to reflect on the people you surround yourself with. As you open your home to them this holiday season, focus more on spending time together and less on making sure you have everything picture-perfect. But if you are looking for tips to prepare your home for the holidays, we have a few of those.

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4. Your Furry Friends

For many of us, our pets are a part of the family. They bring us joy and help us feel better when we’re down. Life wouldn’t be the same without them.

Health and Clean Air

5. Good Health and the Air You Breathe

If you’re healthy, say thanks! Whether you can run a marathon or walk a flight of stairs, it wouldn’t be possible without your body, and giving yourself the gift of better indoor air quality is one way to reward your body for all its hard work. Whether that means choosing LIFECORE’s proprietary ZERO-ADD process to ensure there’s no added formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) in your floors, or making a few small changes to improve your indoor air quality, your lungs deserve it.

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6. Holiday Food and Traditions

What would the holidays be without our favorite foods? From turkey to pie to everything in between, it’s a season of bounty. Don’t get too caught up in preparing it to really enjoy and appreciate celebrating.

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7. Time to Relax

It can be easy to give into stress around the holidays, especially if you’re hosting. But this is also a time to relax and let go. Give yourself that chance. You deserve it!

thankful for beautiful things

8. The Beautiful Things in Life

There’s nothing wrong with saying thanks for the material things. From beautiful floors to holiday decorations, take in the beauty of the season and be grateful for what you have to celebrate it with.

9. Yourself

Lastly, thank yourself for what you put into and get out of life! It’s your hustle and your decisions that make so much in your life possible. You deserve to not only enjoy it but to feel grateful for everything you’ve done to make it happen.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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