LIFECORE® Flooring Selling Sunset Season 7

LIFECORE® Flooring Enters the Spotlight in Netflix Selling Sunset Season 7

LIFECORE’s Clarity Dazzles in the Oppenheim Group’s New Los Angeles Office on Netflix Selling Sunset

LIFECORE® flooring continues to make headlines! After stealing the spotlight both in the Preserve by Magnolia Homes and in Magnolia Networks’ Fixer Upper: Welcome Home episode six, “The Mediterranean Money Pit,” we’re proud to highlight our appearance in season 7 of Netflix Selling Sunset. Read on to discover more about the show, why Jason Oppenheim loves LIFECORE® floors, and how to leverage our healthy hardwood flooring yourself.

Who is Jason Oppenheim?

Jason Oppenheim is an American real estate broker and attorney, known for being the President and Founder of The Oppenheim Group. A professional real estate brokerage of luxury property in both Los Angeles and Orange County, the Oppenheim Group is known nationwide for their $3B+ total sales and $300 million in active listings.

Fans of reality television, however, may recognize Jason Oppenheim and the Oppenheim Group for a different reason — their fame as reality television stars on the Netflix hit show Selling Sunset.

What is Netflix Selling Sunset?

Airing on Netflix, Selling Sunset  is a reality television show that first premiered on March 21, 2019. The show follows a group of agents for the Oppenheim Group as they balance their professional careers with their personal lives. Nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program, Netflix Selling Sunset is critically acclaimed and wildly popular.

What Episode of Netflix Selling Sunset Did LIFECORE® Debut On?

LIFECORE® flooring is highlighted in several episodes of Netflix Selling Sunset Season 7 — part of the Oppenheim Group’s new Los Angeles office. In Spring 2023, After nearly a decade in their longtime Sunset Boulevard office, the Oppenheim Group moved next door into a larger, newly renovated space.

The office can be seen in multiple episodes of the show as a backdrop for conversations and confessionals. Beyond the latest season of the show, the office has also been featured in Architectural Digest. Seeking inspiration from Old Hollywood, the new space mixes modern design touches, such as a virtual gallery wall and an LED-lite fireplace, with classic styles. One such design detail is the office’s flooring.

What LIFECORE® Flooring Stole the Show in Netflix Selling Sunset?

Throughout season 7 of Netflix Selling Sunset, LIFECORE® Allegra Maple Clarity flooring can be seen both on the floor and ceiling of the Oppenheim Group’s Los Angeles office. Episode 10 offers a particularly great view of the flooring’s herringbone design, around seventeen episodes into the episode’s run-time. Our Allegra Maple floors feature deep wire brushing and reactive finishes done by hand, leading to unique structure in every plank to bolster your interior’s character and beauty. This collection is available in six color selections — including Clarity.

Clarity features a rich cocoa color as a base with darker streaks permeating through every plank. This warm, evocative palette allows for versatile design use — from copper and leather rustic to the Old Hollywood flair of the Oppenheim Group’s office. The Oppenheim Group also installed LIFECORE® flooring in their San Diego office, highlighted in People.

LIFECORE® Flooring Jason Oppenheim

Why Did Jason Oppenheim Choose LIFECORE® Flooring for His New LA Office?

Jason Oppenheim chose LIFECORE® flooring as a perfect complement to the neo-classic feel of the Oppenheim Group’s new office space. With its layered textures and deep hues, Allegra Maple Clarity is an anchor of the office’s aesthetic.

“We put everything down in a Herringbone pattern both on the floor and on the ceiling as well,” explains Jason Oppenheim, “so it matches beautifully.”

Another reason Oppenheim chose Clarity was the flooring’s layered colors and rich graining, leading to an evergreen design.

“It’s a trendy style, so it’s super timeless, not only the herringbone pattern but this color variation,” says Oppenheim. “We’ve got beautiful grain and knots, and I think this color won’t go out of style either.”

Oppenheim also values long-lasting, environmentally-safe features — a key part of each LIFECORE® floor. Our commitment to ​​sustainability without compromising durability and aesthetic appeal defines how we create our hardwoods.

“We chose LIFECORE because it’s extremely high-grade and ecologically-friendly,” confirms Oppenheim. “There’s no added chemicals or VOC.”

VOC stands for volatile organic compounds, known for having short- and long-term effects on health at concentrated levels. Certain VOCs, such as formaldehyde, are incredibly common in hardwood floors at high levels, thanks to manufacturing processes that increase volume of the compounds.

LIFECORE® utilizes innovative ZERO-ADD® technology to produce flooring that has some of the lowest levels of formaldehyde on the market without impacting product performance and durability. In turn, LIFECORE floors are an attractive choice for property-owners looking to be eco-friendly — including Oppenheim.

“I’m extremely happy with LIFECORE,” says Oppenheim, “I’m extremely happy with the new office, and I think it looks great.”

LIFECORE® Flooring Oppenheim Group Los Angeles Office

Upgrade Your Home or Office Floors With LIFECORE®

From the Los Angeles office of the Oppenheim Group to homes across the country, LIFECORE® flooring is trusted to deliver elegance, style, and sustainability to all kinds of properties. Find a LIFECORE® dealer today and experience the LIFECORE® difference for yourself.

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