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Best Engineered Wood Floors For Your Laundry Room

Laundry rooms of active families can mean wet and muddy clothes left on the floor as well as everyday spills for this hardworking room. You need flooring that can stand up to the inevitable moisture. But you also want that continuous wood floor throughout your home.

So now you’re asking, can I have a wood floor in the laundry room?

The answer is yes! Especially if they’re waterproof. In fact, they might just be one of the best flooring options for your laundry room.

Waterproof Performance for Your Laundry Room

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With H2OME Waterproof Hardwoods by LIFECORE, you get real hardwood floors (a huge benefit when it comes to resale value) that can stand up to 72-hours of water submersion. So, if the unthinkable happens and you end up with water on your floor, these engineered hardwoods can handle it. In fact, our floors have a 50 Year Residential, Lifetime Structural and 72-Hour Waterproof warranty.

Thanks to our innovation and edge coating technology, our floors are waterproof and install for a true waterproof seal. So not only can they stand up to laundry room activity, they can also be wet mopped for easy cleaning when your kids inevitably leave those muddy jeans on your laundry room floor.

Beautiful Aesthetics for Every Design Sensibility

Whether you prefer the trendy, lighter hardwood colors or you want a darker option, or even if you’re looking for a reclaimed look, H2OME comes in four different collections with a total of eighteen different floors to choose from.

Our City Spa Collection is single-stained, providing a more even overall look for your finished floor. With Designer Splash, you’ll find double stained floors. The multiple color stains provide a variety in color and tones while providing a more even plank-to-plank look. Our Urban Oasis collection is brought to life with our reactive process for natural and rich colors that provide a strong variety of color. Lastly, the Farmhouse Fresh collection is your go-to for reclaimed looks.

All floors are wire brushed for a truly distinctive appeal.

Air Quality Where it Counts

Depending on your cleaning products, you may be bringing VOCs into your laundry room, which can have an impact on your indoor air quality. Luckily, all LIFECORE Hardwoods (including H2OME) are created using our innovative ZERO-ADD® technology. With no formaldehyde added during the manufacturing process, we have some of the lowest levels on the market.

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