2020 Engineered Hardwood Flooring Design Trends

2020 Vision: Design Trends that Work With You

There’s a new decade in town, and with a new year comes new design trends. Picking up where the renovations and décor purchases of the last decade left off, 2020’s trends offer an amazing refresh with minimal effort and expense.

Below are a few great ways to ring in the new year of design:

Warm up your color palette

According to VOGUE’s 2020 forecast, “Warm colors and woods will be the palette du jour, and a well-designed home should look, well, like you live in it.”  Quite a turnaround from the “cool gray” showplace wave of previous years.

Wood is the universal foundation for most color schemes with its ability to support all design ideas without losing its own character. Hardwood flooring makes the perfect base for any décor, and you can see examples of some of LIFECORE engineered hardwood natural colors here. This is one investment that will take you through many years of design trends while also increasing the value of your home.

Once you have your foundation in place, the best way to warm up a room is through color, and this year’s trend sounds like a gourmet grocery list: Introduce elements of saffron, cocoa, wine, and green olive throw accessories like toss pillows, area rugs, artwork, and elaborate window treatments. These colors still work with any cool tones you may already have while adding the necessary balance to spice things up.

2020 Interior Design Color Trends

Go bold or go home

Another economical way to make a big impact is by framing your artful décor with bold walls. Some of the big ideas to make 2020 walls stand out are:

  •  A new paint job in one of this year’s bold colors. You’d be surprised how your furniture and accessories pop against a rich background, especially when contrasted with light flooring. Some trendy choices include colors of the year Naval (Sherwin-Williams), Secret Moss (Valspar), or Carrot Cake (PPG). Bonus? Light engineered wood floors are sure to make these walls pop.
  •  Geometric patterns, which can be achieved through some of the new, eco-friendly wallpaper, or tile placement, which adds texture and elements of nature to the room.
  • The return of maximalism, which you can create by arranging colorful, interesting artwork on a wall or two to make a statement.
  •  Engineered hardwood flooring with a wide plank to act as modern, high-end paneling immediately elevates the space.

2020 Interior Design Color Trends Naval

In with the old AND the new

Whether in fashion or décor, nothing says “personal style” like layering. To layer a room with old and new elements, designers focus on the following for the perfect balance; flooring, furniture, lighting, wall elements, and décor items. Each of these layers has their own individual function that when put together, create a look and a feeling for the room they are in.

When layering old and new, the most important element is the base, so let’s start with our favorite subject, flooring. Stunning engineered hardwood flooring collections come in a variety of styles, two of which perfectly suit the layering trend. One is our LIFECORE Anew Oak reclaim-inspired flooring, which offers a vintage, historical look and feel, and the other is our distressed flooring options, which present a rustic, high character presence. In addition to be absolutely stunning, both styles are durable, easy-to-maintain, and were manufactured with our ZERO-ADD technology, which offers among the lowest VOC levels in the industry.

2020 Gray Hardwood Flooring Design Trends

A blazing hot furniture trend this year is jungle-inspired patterns, and many home stores are selling chairs, ottomans and small tables depicting everything from animal prints (jungle cats are especially hot this year) to tropical leaf designs. These items will not break the bank but will add a fun, exotic layer to your room.

As for lighting, this is a great opportunity to introduce a trendy metallic element to the room. A modern lamp in brass will contrast your rustic flooring and nature-centric jungle piece nicely while bringing its space to life.

For your next layer, designers are touting art and wall hangings with personality. Instead of buying mass-produced pieces, try seeking out work by local artists, photographers, or find vintage prints in antique shops. Hanging items made with vegetable fibers like jute, rattan, and wicker or brightly-patterned tapestries also dress up a wall with color and dimension and are a great way to personalize the space.

Go lighter and wider in the new year

Another big trend in engineered hardwood flooring is wide planks in lighter colors. As mentioned previously, the kind of flooring you have can make or break a room, and this choice provides a natural vibe with neutral capabilities. The lighter color showcases the graining and character of the species more readily and reflects better off of light-colored surfaces. The wider planks make the room look bigger to help create that open, airy feeling. Light-colored flooring will work with most wall colors and motifs, providing steady, subtle support for your personal style.

Any of the décor trends forecasted for 2020 (or in previous years for that matter) would be enhanced by light, wide plank flooring. It’s a classic that always looks architectural and sophisticated while being welcoming. All of LIFECORE’s collections have wide plank selections that come in a range of colors. To find the floor that works best for you, visit our website.

When it comes to design, 2020 promises to be a year of individuality, joyfulness, and beauty. LIFECORE wishes you the same in all other aspects of your year!

Headline Image: Wheelhouse Design, Austin. Featuring LIFECORE Anew Gentling.

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  1. Wood is the universal foundation for most color schemes with its ability to support all design ideas without losing its own character. This is one investment that will take you through many years of design trends while also increasing the value of your home.


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