Pink Home Décor

Five Ideas to Add Pink to your Home Décor

Thought you saw the end of pink in 2018? Think again. Pantone released their color of the year at the end of last year, and the bright and bold Living Coral is opening up new options of pink and pink palettes as a 2019 trending home décor color. We’ve put together a few ideas to help you tap into this luscious hue with your home design this year.

Get The Look Pink Home Décor

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Living Coral: The Color of the Year

Pantone isn’t holding back with its color of the year for 2019. Living Coral (or Pantone 16-1546) is a big bold step forward from the softer pink hues that started to take root last year. Think vibrant, energetic and uplifting with a softer edge.

Pink Home Décor Walls

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Easy Pink Décor Accents

But all-over coral walls aren’t right for everyone. If that’s you, consider incorporating an accent rug or throw pillow to get the feel of the color of the year without the all-over impact. Wall art or wallpaper that tie in pink hues are another way to tap into this trend without diving in deep.

Pink Home Décor Accents

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Stay in the Pink Family

The pink trend isn’t just limited to the color of the year. There are a lot of complimentary hues that can bring a space to life. Statement pieces like velvet (another 2019 trend!) sofas or pink chairs can be a quick and easy way to capitalize on this color without completely overhauling your space.

Pink Home Décor Ideas

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Finding the Right Floor for Your Home Décor

If you’re loving this new pink trend, don’t stop at accents, statement pieces and wall colors. Give your room the foundation it needs to support this palette. We recommend warm, bright wood like LIFECORE’s Abella Acacia Lively. This will give these hues the room they need to really stand out while also grounding the room in a natural glow. Plus, acacia’s graining, warm undertones and contrasting pattern make this engineered hardwood floor perfect for really any color pattern. So if pink ever does go out of style, your floor will transition to new trends with ease.

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