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New Year, New Wave of Home Décor Forecasts

Finding The 2019 Design Trend That’s Right For You.

It’s the time of year when we’re busy crunching budget numbers (and our abs) in the hopes of offsetting holiday indulgences. We resolved not to spend on anything that isn’t absolutely necessary, but everywhere we turn, there’s another one of those interior design forecasts telling us “what’s hot and what’s not” for 2019. How can we resist, especially when the void left by holiday decorations makes our décor seem downright lonely?

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Figuring out which trend to embrace can be daunting, especially when some of them require a larger investment. For instance, “dark” kitchens with splashes of color are being touted as one of 2019’s biggest trends. Black countertops, dark blue cabinets and red vintage-look refrigerators are popping up on many trend lists; however, replacing even one of those items in your current kitchen may not be realistic.

To help you sort through it all, LIFECORE has put together a list of our own (below). We’ve taken the most easily incorporated trends and provided suggestions on how you can implement them based on your décor style (modern, rustic, traditional, Boho or coastal). We’ve also provided an example of a LIFECORE floor that will suit your style through many years of changing trends.

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Keep in mind that the colors predicted to be huge this year are Night Watch Green (PPG), Coral (Pantone), and matte black. If any of the updates you go with are available in these or similar colors, you’ll have two trends for the price of one.

Night Watch Green Design Trends

Lastly, the one decorating principle that’s always in fashion is being design-fluid. If you favor a modern décor, be open to including a rustic or Boho influence for balance, and so on. But whatever you do, don’t use the word “eclectic.” That’s so 1998.

Florals A pop art painting, rug, or throw pillow depicting a bold, modern flower will add curvy balance to a minimalist, modern décor. A farmhouse floral bedspread, kitchen canisters, or lampshades can add softness and color to a rustic décor. Floral wallpaper or full length chintz drapes can liven up a traditional décor. Hand-painted floral cabinet knobs or floral display plates will fit in nicely with the Boho whimsy. Artificial flower arrangements in ocean blue or sand color pots.
Curved furniture A kidney-shaped coffee table or half-circle couch may be a splurge, but they have longevity in a modern décor. A large, round wood or wrought iron coffee table or leather ottoman will soften the lines in a rustic décor. Round pedestal end tables or a circular area rug will blend nicely with a traditional décor. A large, round artisanal art piece or curved back wicker chair can be a focal point in a Boho décor. A gray, weathered chest with curved drawers or a round statement mirror framed in beachy colors will keep you true to your coastal style.
Velvet Try placing solid color velvet throw pillows between modern graphic print pillows to bring a dash of luxury to modern décor’s clean lines. A brushed velvet throw over a leather couch or chair can add rustic elegance. Introducing velvet curtains or a footstool elevates a traditional décor with opulence. A colorful velvet wall hanging or funky brushed fabric lampshades in trending colors can take 2017 Boho to 2019 Boho really fast. A velvet or brushed fabric area rug in coastal colors can add softness and style to a wonderfully uncomplicated beachy look.
Mixed metals Incorporating items like a brushed silver and black metal art pieces introduce natural materials with a modern twist. Rugged wrought iron furniture accents or a chandelier will perfectly compliment hammered copper bowls or vases in a rustic décor. Artfully displayed photo frames in pewter, brass, and copper tones can turn your keepsakes into art pieces. Make nature the focal point of your Boho style with an array of plants in multi-metal pots. A large silver bowl with brass and pewter seashells would make an elegant coastal centerpiece for your coffee or dining room table.
Carpet layering Create your own art statement by overlapping one corner each of equally sized rugs of different patterns or colors. Nothing cozies up a rustic décor like layered area rugs. Try a southwestern style fringed rug over a larger, neutral-tone jute rug. Help make your foyer especially welcoming by framing a pretty floral rug with a larger solid color underneath. Get creative by layering colorful Moroccan-inspired patterned fringe rugs over bamboo or wicker mats. A sand-colored circular rug over a larger square one in ocean blue will bring a sea-inspired vibe to your coastal room.
Curtains A great choice for a modern bedroom would be two or more curtain panels longer than floor length, solid in color and opaque. Accent with a simple curtain rod with clean lines and keep the drapes open as if to frame the window. A tie up burlap valance for kitchen or bathroom windows will add charm and style to rooms that tend to be overlooked. You can elegantly accent your traditional décor with box pleat drapes in a rich fabric, flanking a sheer white curtain. Try a decorative holdback on one side for visual interest. Try using brightly-patterned curtains as a room divider or headboard frame for a unique design twist. White linen tie top curtains allow light to fill the room while providing a billowy effect. Finding a curtain rod with a driftwood or bamboo look will really up your coastal game!
LIFECORE Flooring Gray is here to stay, and it’s the perfect design base for a modern look. LIFECORE is showing a variety of sophisticated shades and off-whites finishes, such as Abella Artful or the very trendy, narrow plank (3.5”) Ashling Visionaire. An authentic rustic room is all about character. This is especially true with regard to flooring, and nothing says “authentic rustic” like reclaimed hardwood. LIFECORE’s Anew collection offers a trendy palette of warm, reclaimed stunners, such as the camel-hued Gentling and smokey Recaptured. One of the more popular hardwood color trends is the return to traditional walnut tones. The rich brown tones of Arden Life Inspired and Adela’s Nature’s Way beautifully enhance classic interiors while providing a fashionable twist. A free-spirted décor full of life and color is best served by a floor that compliments, not competes. The welcoming vibe of LIFECORE’s Allegra Serenity and Aurora Nature’s Path offer on-trend neutrals with just the right amount of personality. Easy, breezy, and tranquil, the popularity of coastal decorating has reached beyond the beach house and into well-appointed urban settings. If Coastal style is the pearl in your oyster, keep true to its simplicity with the whitewashed Anton Ambiance or the weathered look of Amara Clear View.


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