2019 Natural Design Trends

Refresh Your Look This Spring with These 2019 Natural Design Trends

Spring is almost here, and there’s never been a better time to refresh your home design with 2019’s biggest home décor trends. From the use of natural elements—like mixed metals, fur and wood—to earthier color palettes that work in hot colors like burnt yellow, you can get the look designers have their eyes on. And with a fresh focus on organic aesthetics, LIFECORE engineered hardwood floors fit right in.

Natural Inspired Home Design
Photo Credits: Muuto, Country Road Tableware, Real Living

Build Your Room from the Floor Up

As the anchor to any room, the hues in your floor can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of a space. If you’re wanting to liven up your home this spring, consider replacing muted or dark floors with a more natural wood look, like LIFECORE’s Anton Fresh Aire to really breathe life into your home. Bonus? It’ll make your spaces look a lot bigger.

natural inspired home design trends in flooring

Let’s Talk Color

Bold is back in 2019. Burnt yellow—once considered a little too vibrant—has been getting buzz in home design communities because it’s a perfect way to bring a shade that really pops into a natural color scheme. Consider adding statement pieces like a vibrant couch or rug, or go a little more subtle with accents like throw pillows or wall art.

natural inspired home furnishings and design
Photo Credit: A Beautiful Mess couch via Thrive Furniture

Get that Natural Feel

Designers everywhere are shifting from the tech-focused décor of 2018 and going back to nature. From more outdoor materials like stone, concrete and copper to the warmer touch of fur, hide and wood, there are a lot of options for you to tap into this trend in a way that works for your own design sensibilities. Consider a hide throw or faux-fur accent pillows. Looking to update your kitchen or bathroom? Swap out your fixtures and with mixed metal.

natural-inspired home design Get that natural feel
Photo Credit: Nick Scott, design by Sarah Ellison for Real Living. Sourced from Trend Scout.

Add a Little Green

The easiest way to bring a little life into your space this spring? Add a little green. Not only are houseplants on trend this year, they’re a great way to improve indoor air quality as they work to filter VOCs out of the air you breathe naturally. Plus, planters are a great way to incorporate design trends into your spaces.

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