Adela Oak Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Sealers, Adhesives, Transitions, and Shine!

Q – We just had your Compelling oak flooring installed in our kitchen. Should I be concerned about wet spills soaking into the cracks? A friend who works at a hardware store suggestion that I should I add a sealer to the floor. Is that a good idea or should I not be concerned?  Thank you – SP

A – Thanks for your inquiry!  There is no need to apply an extra sealer to your floor.  As a matter of fact, it can negatively affect the look and feel of the floor and is not recommended. Clean up a spill promptly, and your floor should be fine. Lifecore floors were created for active households and can withstand many of life’s everyday mishaps. Our Care and Maintenance instructions are located in each carton and on our website, and you can find a lot of great preventative info there.  Enjoy your new Lifecore floor!

Q – We are purchasing the Allegra Serenity Maple engineered hardwood and plan on installing it in a new residential build on ground level concrete, which was poured about 30 days ago.  Is there any type of glue/adhesive recommended for this type of hardwood installation? What are the floor moisture requirements? – VS

A – Hi VS. Your choice for engineered hardwoods was smart and the best choice for a slab. But, thirty days is not long for the concrete to dry, it must be a minimum of 30 days. Have someone check the moisture readings of the slab so you will know which adhesive will work best. Most adhesive manufacturers make excellent moisture adhesives, so there are many to choose from. The National Wood flooring Association also provides good moisture guidelines.

Q – We had our floor installed last year, and it is starting to look dull.  Is there something we are doing wrong? Thanks. – BM

A – Hi, and thanks for reaching out.  There are many factors that can dull a floor, either over time or instantly.

  • Forgetting to sweep or vacuum your floor before mopping just redistributes dirt on the surface of the floor, creating a dull finish.
  • Using a mop head that is not thoroughly cleaned can create a build up of dirt as well.
  • Using the wrong cleaner, or too much of the right one, on top of your polyurethane pre finished flooring.  Acrylic-based liquid or paste waxes touted to make wood floors shine will have the opposite effect.
  • Applying too much water, liquid or moisture when cleaning and not thoroughly drying your hardwoods.
  • All wood floors are not the same, and using a product formulated for a different finish can make hardwood look patchy or milky.
  • It is always important to check the manufacturer’s Care and Maintenance instructions before using ANY product on a floor
  • If you think one of the above may be the culprit, take heart! Those issues can be resolved with a cleaning system specifically designed for build up.  We recommend Bona products or a similar formulated product.

Q- We are ripping up our carpet and putting down a Lifecore floor in a section of our house. The new hardwood section will also come right up to our tile kitchen floor. How do we make the different looks flow evenly from room to room? – SD

A – A good question with a simple answer; transition strips.  Transitions strips offer an inconspicuous and easy way to transition from surface to surface without breaking up the aesthetics.  They also eliminate the possibility of tripping into the room if one surface is higher than the other. Transition strips join any two floors that are of similar heights in a doorway or archway and come in many different options.  The most common are 4-in-1 strips that have interchangeable parts that can work for a variety of flooring types. Ask your flooring dealer to show you the transitions available for Lifecore, which has a variety of colors and styles to choose from to ensure that the visual transition is smooth as well!  One last tip – make sure that the new floor compliments the color and décor style of those it will be sharing space with or consider continuing your engineered hardwood selection into your kitchen as well.

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