Welcome to LIFECORE™ Hardwood Flooring

Welcome to LIFECORE®

You’ve landed on this page for a reason. You’ve been shopping around for flooring and want to make the best possible choice. You want it to look good. No, you want it to look great. You want it to look so great, as a matter of fact, that every time you walk in the door, you smile. But it can’t just be a floor that looks good, it also has to be a floor of quality. Lasting quality. This is, after all, a big investment.

The floor you’re looking for has to be able to deal with pretty much whatever your family throws at it and still make you smile when you walk in the door. So, you came to our site in your flooring search and liked what you saw. You read about how durable LIFECORE® hardwoods are and knew that you were on the right track. Then you read about our ZERO-ADD® technology and how our hardwood is actually a healthier option than most others out there. That’s what piqued your interest and brought you here. You’ve landed on this page for a reason and that reason was to learn more.

Welcome to our first blog, the first of many that will be written with the sole purpose of giving you valuable information. Not just about our hardwood flooring products or our company, but about how to make the best choices for all aspects of a healthier, more stylish home.

Choose the Color of Your Flooring

Now back to your flooring search. As mentioned, this is an investment that will positively transform your home. With all the information out there, what is the right choice for you? Start with the basics. How do you want your room to look?  Do you want a modern, rustic, or elegant feel? Do you have a large space or a smaller one? What is the color of the walls and furniture you will be bringing flooring into? We’ve included a few of our favorite decor inspirations with each of our colors to show just how versatile flooring can be.

Color, of course, is key. Though all of our hues have impact, they also fall under the coveted category of neutral. That means you can change your wall paint, furniture and overall motif as often as you’d like, and our floor will still be the perfect counterpart for your décor. Are you drawn to a deep, dark espresso, a rich milk chocolate, a cool urban gray, or a creamy greige? Don’t worry about matching, go with the color that speaks to you the most.

Consider the Species of Your Flooring

Once you’ve narrowed down the aesthetic, consider the species. Our hardwood flooring collections consist of maple, acacia, hickory, birch, and oak, each possessing unique characteristics that have kept them among the most sought after by interior designers. One of our oak collections, Anew, is a reclaimed product, which is considered especially prestigious if you’re seeking environmentally-friendly options. All LIFECORE® hardwoods species rank well on the Janka Hardness scale and hold up to all kinds of traffic (both two-legged and four-legged variety).

Let’s not forget about texture. Texture plays a key role in setting the mood of a room. Think about whether you‘d prefer a hand-scraped, wire-brushed, or smooth finish. We’ve provided a good bit of information for each type of hardwood flooring so that you can get an idea of what will work for your household and design aesthetic.

See Your Hardwood Flooring Picks in Person

After you’ve narrowed down a few choices online, go into an LIFECORE® hardwoods retailer and see the hardwood flooring up close. Bring paint swatches or fabric samples to match against the planks for a better idea of how your room’s total color palette will play out. And, because every plank is unique, laying a few planks down on the showroom floor should give you a good idea of how it will look. Bring the planks over to a window to see how the light moves over it. How much sun a room gets will determine how it will look during the day. Because most of LIFECORE®’s collections have extra wide planks, you‘ll be able to get a good representation from sampling just a few pieces.

Part of what makes each species—and each plank within a species—unique is the graining. This is where you can really have some fun, determining the pattern your flooring will take. That includes placement of the planks in a certain way to form a graining graphic, or even mixing two colors to create a truly unique floor.   If you can’t be there during the installation process, you can find images of flooring patterns that you like and provide them to your installer as guidance. No two hardwood floors are exactly alike, so you can truly create a signature look to match your vision.

The Versatility of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Lastly, because LIFECORE® hardwoods are engineered and not solid, they can be installed anywhere in the home (yes, that means the kitchen, too). Engineered hardwood flooring opens up the possibilities of carrying a theme through your home with either the same or different shades. Or, giving each room its own mood. The possibilities are endless.

We thank you for landing here and wish you the best of luck with your flooring search. Check back with us again for upcoming blogs offering more in-depth design trends, hardwood flooring care, flooring basics, and ways (beyond just flooring) to have a healthier home.

LIFECORE is a progressive flooring company that offers innovative products to enhance both the beauty and environmental integrity of the home. Not only is our LIFECORE® hardwood flooring beautiful, it’s milled with our ZERO-ADD® technology that ensures no formaldehyde is added during the manufacturing process. This process eliminates harmful emissions without compromising performance, durability, or design.

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  1. Can you provide the name of the stain which matches Ashling Betula Dreamy. I have been told that there are no matching thresholds and want to make them.

  2. Where can I find a Lifecore dealer around me? Can I buy directly from company. I cannot seem to locate a dr as dealer near me to order products.


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