Can I Put Hardwood Floors in Bathroom

Can I Put Hardwood Floors in My Bathroom?

Who doesn’t love the look of one, continuous floor from the master bed into the master bath? With hardwood floors as the go-to flooring choice for the best resale value, you may be considering a whole-home flooring upgrade with just that design in mind. But can hardwood floors really survive in the bathroom, where the humidity is high and things can be, well, damp?

We all know engineered wood is better equipped for fluctuations in humidity than traditional hardwoods, but for a bathroom where you run a risk of standing water, that’s not always enough. In fact, many engineered wood flooring manufacturers may even void the warranty on their floors if you install them in the bathroom, leaving you stuck with high VOC wood look-a-likes (think laminate or vinyl) if you want that continuous wood floor look.

Not anymore. Hardwood floors for your bathroom are here.

Best Hardwood Flooring for the Bathroom

With H2OME Waterproof Hardwoods by LIFECORE, there’s finally a waterproof hardwood floor with a 50 Year Residential, 72-Hour Waterproof Warranty to match. You can learn more about how we made it possible to have waterproof hardwoods here (including how third-party testing found our floors can handle up to 72 hours of water submersion), but we’ll give you a quick run-down.

It’s a combination of a natural, waterproof rigid core and innovative edge coating technology that provides sealed, waterproof performance. And yes, it is real oak, which doesn’t expand or contract as much as other species, providing the oak with lower permeability.

What that means for you: You can have real hardwood floors in your bathroom without worry. Added bonus? Waterproof hardwoods are wet-mop safe, making them easy to clean and maintain.

Beautiful Hardwood Floors for Your Bathroom

Our H2OME hardwoods come in four distinct collections with a total of sixteen striking visuals to choose from, so there’s a little something for everyone.

City Spa Collection

City Spa Hardwood Flooring Bathrooms

With five different options, the H2OME City Spa Collection of single-stained, wide-plank hardwood floors provide an even overall look for your finished floor in a range of dark to light colors. All wire-brushed, City Spa brings sophistication to the whole home, not just to your bathroom.

Designer Splash Collection

Designer Splash Hardwood Floors in Bathroom

The H2OME Designer Splash collection is double-stained for a little more variety in color and tones while maintaining an even plank-to-plank look with a total of four light to medium brown options.

Urban Oasis Collection

Urban Oasis Hardwood Flooring Bathroom

Our reactive line of H2OME products provide stunning visuals and a more natural look and feel for your bathroom’s engineered hardwood floors with H2OME Urban Oasis. Thanks to our low VOC reactive process, each plank brings to life rich colors and tones for more plank-to-plank variety.

Farmhouse Fresh Collection

Farmhouse Fresh Hardwood Flooring Bathroom

Have a penchant for rustic design? Our reclaim-inspired line of waterproof hardwood floors could be the perfect fit for your bathroom. The H2OME Farmhouse Fresh Collection has three different styles to choose from, including both gray and brown undertones.

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