Renovation Motivation: “Now that the kids are officially off on their own, what do we do with the empty space?”

The day has come. You knew the house would be quieter with the kids out of the house, but you weren’t prepared for how empty it looks. While some may contemplate downsizing, most empty nesters prefer to stay and renovate vacant rooms for a purpose that fits their needs. In other words, this new chapter can provide empty nesters an amazing opportunity to reclaim their own lifestyles.

A great place to start is with areas of the house that have seen the most mileage over the years: the floors and walls. Making these two high-impact updates can do more than improve your home, they can make for a whole new you.

Updating from the Ground Up

One décor upgrade that can enhance you home and your health is replacing your old carpet with a stylish, neutral-toned engineered hardwood floor. Even the cleanest carpeting carries dirt, mold, allergens, and odors that you breathe in without realizing it. The non-electromagnetic nature of hardwood floors makes them a much healthier choice.

Install Hardwood Flooring

While you might think laminate or vinyl could be an alternative for the dust, many of these flooring options can be high in VOCs, which can have a negative impact on your health—just the opposite of what we’re hoping to accomplish.

LIFECORE’s engineered hardwoods offer ZERO-ADD® technology, which ensures that our flooring is manufactured with none of the added formaldehyde that may be present in other flooring brands (hardwoods included). Investing in a stunning floor that actually improves your home’s air quality can increase the value of your home. And with LIFECORE, you’re getting floors that are as affordable as they are beautiful.

What’s in a Wall Color?

Science shows certain colors, either on all four walls or on one accent wall, can have a positive impact on a person’s mood.  Green, the color of plants and nature, represents growth and life. For tranquility and contentment, blue walls could be a good choice. Orange is known for its warmth and energy and is the most social of all colors. If you’re looking for a boost of optimism, then consider yellow.

Home Renovation Paint

Making the Most Out of Empty Bedrooms

With your home décor refreshed now comes the big question; what to do with those empty bedrooms?

Fitness-minded nesters may opt for an exercise or yoga room, which would be a great way to improve health and mood. You’ll want to make sure you have flooring that can support you while also being conducive to indoor air quality, like the LIFECORE Ashling Betula Collection, complete with three-inch planks and five varying shades of cool medium brown to compliment any room’s size.

Additionally, mirrored wall will make the space look larger, lighter, and help ensure that your form is correct.

Home Renovations Empty Nesters

Another great way to utilize the space is to turn it into a home office. Regardless of what your actual job is, everyone needs a quiet, well-lit and organized space. When stocking a home office, focus on furniture and accessories that are comfortable and practical, but also make you happy when you walk through the door.

Lastly, for nesters who really want a space of their own but have to keep a spare bedroom, there is a happy compromise.  Replacing the bed with a comfortable sleeper sofa and swapping out the dresser with an attractive credenza will turn an empty bedroom into a TV or reading room until guests arrive. Creating this double-duty décor will allow you to have a place for your kids when they visit, while ensuring that you’ll focus on you the rest of the time.

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